Derived from the name of Durga, a fierce yet prosperous Hindu Goddess, in Sanskrit kāmā translates to desire and ākhyā means renown.

Our motivation to plant this sapling, named Kamakhyaa, is to embrace sustainable fashion in the world by providing a common platform of sustainable fashion products to connect with the customers. We aim to deliver authenticity and relevance in the endeavour of “new normal”.  

We at Kamakhyaa perceive that Fashion should have more purpose than just viewing products as trendy and disposable garments. We as a brand reckon that with the depleting environment of the planet for decades and the fallout of coronavirus, the use of locally produced is very significant for the nation to ameliorate the livelihood of those who have been critically affected.

Our birth is the inception to empower the beautiful community-techniques of skilful Indian artisans and craftsmen, the knowledge of our enriched heritage and dynamic cultures, the boastfulness of the brocaded Indian fabric along with the well-being of our community by also embracing “Make in India.”

By uniting and empowering every entity that associates itself with our platform, we aim to focus on commending an experience that would not only be appreciated by our customers, but would also aid millions of impoverished workers across the Fashion Industry. Our platform assures delivery of the finest quality products and services with proper safety measures to our customers. 

Be a part of us,
Let’s have faith in our purpose,
Come stand with us to celebrate the power of dreams and desires.