Celebrate Navratri with Kamakhyaa!

Don’t know what to wear? Check out our specially curated Navratri Collection to learn more about the nine Goddesses of Navratri and know which color to wear during these nine days.

Day 1- Maa Shailputri  being the daughter of the mountains, she embodies the power of Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh and represents enthusiasm, success and happiness. Her devotees wear color Orange to show significance on this auspicious day.

Day 2- Maa Brahmacharini – the unmarried form of Maa Sati, also known as Goddess of penance and austerity. She endows loyalty, wisdom, peace, prosperity and happiness upon her devotees who wear color White to show significance on this auspicious day.

Day 3- Maa Chandraghata – when Lord Shiva adorned Maa Parvati’s forehead with half moon shaped like a temple bell, she became a form that even today is ready to destroy the wicked. But to her devotees she is a kind and compassionate mother showering love, peace and prosperity who wear color Red to show significance on this auspicious day.

Day 4- Maa Kushmanda – another incarnation of Goddess Parvati is believed to stay and reside in the centre of the sun and liberate energy to the universe. She is credited to create the world with her divine and radiant smile and bestows her devotees with wellbeing, strength, glory who wear color Royal Blue to show significance on this auspicious day.

Day 5- Maa Skandamata – when Goddess Parvati became the mother of Lord Skanda (another name of Lord Kartikeya) who was chosen by Gods as the commander-in-chief in the war against demons, she came to be known as Skandamata. It is believed that she endows her devotees with peace, prosperity and salvation and can also grant oceans of wisdom even to the most illiterate person. Her devotees wear color Yellow to show significance on this auspicious day.

Day 6- Maa Katyayani – born to Katyayana Rishi’s house as an incarnation of Goddess Parvati, she has been referred to as the warrior Goddess since she destroyed the bull demon Mahishasura. Maa Katyayani nests her devotees with peace, harmony and growth who wear color Green to show significance on this auspicious day.

Day 7- Maa Kalaratri – being the destructive form of Maa Durga and is known for destroying ignorance and removing darkness from the universe. It is believed that she makes her devotees fearless and  protects them by removing darkness from their heart. Her devotees wear color Grey to show significance on this auspicious day.

Day 8- Maa Mahagauri – the eighth manifestation of Goddess Durga is regarded as the most graceful form among the NavDurga. Her beauty glows like pearl purity. She is known as the forgiving goddess and forgives the sinners and also purifies them. She depicts purity, peace and endurance and her devotees wear color Purple to show significance on this auspicious day.

Day 9- Maa Siddhidatri – this original form, mool roopa of Goddess Parvati’s name means “one who gives supernatural powers”. Being the complete form of Maa Durga, she endows her devotees with wisdom and insight. Her devotees wear the color Peacock Green to show significance on this auspicious day.

We wish that the divine blessings of Maa Durga in all her forms bring prosperity and eternal happiness to you. Shop these eco-friendly clothing and get your custom-made pieces delivered to you! For shopping assistance Whatsapp us on: +919910707750.

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