Mashru Silk Scrunchie Set of 8




This set of 8 scrunchies includes a mix of gorgeous Mashru Silk scrunchies. Shipped in a re-usable potli bag.
Scrunchies are great for your hair that prevents them from breaking 😉


Founded in 2019 by Meghavi, the brand came into existence when she realised how undervalued the country’s artisans are. She decided to make clothing that would not only support them, but also help spread awareness about Indian crafts. In a world that worships fast fashion, she aspired to create clothing & accssories that would challenge these beliefs with modern clothing that has traditional roots.


The best selling zero waste accessories are upcycled from left-over fabric from garment production. Each set is handmade with love by the team of artisans and tailors.

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I’ve absolutely loved collaborating with kamakhyaa. The brand name itself which I believe is after a goddess indicates volumes of female strength & fierceness. As soon as the package arrived it screamed sophistication & simplicity. The fabric was like a dream & was so delicate I was too afraid to wear it casually away for shoot outside. Besides, other values like it being homegrown and sustainable is something I totally endorse. Looking forward to more of these. All the luck !”



DIVYA BAHL (customer)

I am very happy with the quick responsiveness of the team for queries and suggestions. I would strongly recommend you to engage with the brand for a truly remarkable customer experience & for the wide beautiful range of products.