Mini Duomo Golden Earrings




Material Used: Brass
Color: Golden


Height: 3.175 cm
Width: 3.175 cm


Each piece is finely handcrafted by local artisans using traditional and contemporary methods.

Ceramic: It was our first we started with. It is a blend of handmade ceramic pieces with brass as base, which is then finely plated to either silver or gold. Each piece is completely handmade, right from the ceramic making to metal work. Since the pieces are all handmade, it was getting difficult to make a huge quantity to supply at stores. So now, we do an exclusive range of ceramic.

Brass: Our minimal brass collection is also handmade. There is uniformity in terms of minimal designs that we make. We like to keep it as simple and easy for people to carry. Our design style is minimal, sharp and structural. The hand texture that we give on our pieces is what makes it different.


The brand came into existence in 2016 when the founder, Priyanka Desai, a Fashion designer by profession, failed to find accessories that would complement her clothing. And so she began to design and create a range of her own.

DE’ANMA strongly believes in ‘Less Is More’.

Shipping Information

Shipping Information

Shipping Time: 4 To 5 Working Days
Delivery Time: 5 To 7 Working Days

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