New Yorker Shirt Dress- Green




Materials Used: Tencel Twill
Color: Copper Brown
Availability: Made to order


A shirt dress with uneven pocket detail and a belt to clinch the waist, perfect for your next safari trip.Naturally dyed with plant-based materials.Made with 100% Tencel and recycled metal trims. Expect a slight variation in the colours as they are naturally dyed with plant extracts. Peta approved vegan/Plant based clothing.

Care Instruction
We make clothes with a lot of love and care and we truly wish that it lasts long. Some care instructions that ought to be followed: Laundering: Hand wash garments with a mild detergent. Drying: Always dry clothes inside out whenever possible and in the shade to prevent lightening by the sun.

Every piece of clothing is made with care by partnering with ethical factories keeping quality, fair wages and conscious use of resources in mind. The products do not use any animal based matter like fur, leather, wool, or silk in the making. The brand does not believe in animal testing, whatsoever and strongly wishes to leave the planet in a better condition than we found it.


Established in 2019; 100% locally manufactured Tencel is used for the entire collection, made from responsibly sourced wood pulp using minimal non-renewable resources. 65% the energy needs of the brand’s fabric partner comes from renewable sources through their own wind mills. The water footprint for this fabric is only 5% compared to traditional cotton. We are proud supporters of innovation, the use of one of a kind vortex spinning technology that enables a carbon credit of 30% compared to conventional spinning helps us get closer to our goal of a carbon neutral future.
Plant based dyes coming from Indian madder vines, natural indigo, iron vinegar, and leaves are used. Circular systems ensuring solid waste generated is composted and the water is treated in an affluent system before it enters the natural water stream. Air pollution is kept in place with an air purification system in place. The entire process is kept closed loop helping us build a strong relationship with nature.

Shipping Information

Shipping Information

Shipping Time: 10-12 Days from purchase
Delivery Time: 15-20 Days from purchase

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