Self-care to self-love; the true essence of fashion

Would it be wrong if we say that in today’s time we all want to be fashionable? In order to become fashionable, we tend to follow the latest collections, surf over social media and soon after we do that we tend to feel low about ourselves and start comparing ourselves with others.

So today, let’s say goodbye to all these negative emotions and the influence that comes by.

Your mental health affects whether you have a fit body or not. A fit body means having a healthy body and mind in its true sense. It is said that fitness has been misconceptualized with a perfect body. An unhealthy body can look fit whereas a fit body can also be unhealthy. Having a healthy lifestyle is crucial. 

Both body and mind play a crucial role in living a good life. As the saying goes, a healthy body lives in a healthy mind!

Here are some of the ways you can go ahead and try to inculcate in your daily routine:

  • Compliment yourself- Initially, it might seem awkward or funny to you but it is the first step in learning how to love your own self. Appreciate the qualities that you like about yourself.
  • Mirror exercise- You can stand in front of a mirror and place a hand on your body part that you sometimes or always dislike and then to the parts that you like. This exercise will help you completely and boost your self-confidence 😉
  • Change your vocabulary- Science has proven that the words which we often tell to our minds have the power to subconsciously manifest it. So, choose your words wisely and positively while talking to yourself.
  • Offer yourself a treat – Buy yourself with your favourite chocolate, ice cream or anything that you like to eat that makes you feel special about yourself! Let us know in the comments below what kind of treat would make your day!!
  • Dress up well- Even if there is no special occasion, you can dress up for yourself and spend some alone time with yourself, we bet you’ll feel better 🙂
  • Buy yourself things that you like- As a child, we often have a habit of collecting something or another. Be it coins or stamps. Return back to your childlike self, you can either buy or start collecting things that you like.
  • Pursue your hobby- You can always pursue your hobbies be it singing, dancing, reading, playing, painting. Do what you love to do, irrespective of age or society pressure.
  • Spend time with nature- Nature has the power to calm our nerves and gives us inner peace. You can go for a walk or sit in silence with yourself in the garden whis would bring more clarity and positivity to your life!
  • Listen to music -You can listen to your favourite music that makes you feel good XD
  • Meditate- Try to focus on your breathing patterns and chant OM or offer prayers in what you believe 🙂
  • Contribute- Do something special for your loved ones or maybe an unknown person! Help someone in need or just be generally good (as we bet you already are). It will surely make you feel great about yourself that you have been able to bring a smile to someone else’s face.

Studies have shown that the mental health of a person who loves their own-self is living healthier and happier lives. So, are we trying to become selfish? Absolutely not!

Self-love basically means the realization of the fact that we are all humans but have unique qualities. Just like peach, plum, damson and cherry blossom are all fruits, but they have their own unique characteristics. So, please keep believing in yourself and shine in your own unique ways. Love and respect the person you are and stop worrying about what people have to say about anything that pulls you down, you are naturally beautiful.

Talking about natural beauty, do you feel that nature has a very vast heart? As it embraces all of us in the same manner without any biases. Then, why do we compare ourselves with others? Hoping that moving forward you will be proud of who you are and try out fashion with more self-confidence and high self-esteem. Even if you don’t like yourself, nature is always there for you and loves you unconditionally. You are as beautiful as the beauty of nature.  Keep this in mind that Kamakhyaa is on a mission to inspire people for sustainability in fashion and to create a positive impact on both society and nature. By wearing sustainable fashion clothes from Kamakhyaa you will not only feel good and connect to nature but also cast a vote for the new change.

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